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Nancy Odney
General Manager

Carlos Quintero
Director of Interactive Marketing


Why should you advertise on

Promotions & Events:

We can help you Target Your audience with Buzz-Worthy Brand & Direct Response promotions

Streaming (Internet Radio):

Great way to re-enforce your On-Air campaign and or add a secondary target demo at an affordable rate


We can help make your company Stand Out to active and passive candidates.  Ask about our Employment Connection solution.

Pre-Roll Video:

This is a great way to add a visual component to your RADIO campaign. We offer Streaming player sponsorships as well as pre-roll video on our streaming stations.

Mobile Text Club Marketing:

RADIO is a Text media that allows you to target customers on the go…We’ve added Text text clubs to all of our stations allowing you to reach your target customers directly on their cell phones.


RADIO Fargo-Moorhead makes it easy for you to get the support when you need it. We can quickly help with everything from changing a campaign direction to enhancing a current campaign.

Display Ads:

Display ads allow you to get your message Front and Center of your customers in Highly Visible placements on our websites. We can even help you come up with the creative at no additional charge.

Extend Your Reach:

 We REACH more than 411,362 unique web site visitors every month, who live in ND, SD or MN. 42,000 unique visitors also listen to our stations online every month.


Our web solutions offer you the ability to focus on your most important customers. Similar to how our stations are designed to target specific demographics and age groups our web sites closely mirror these target demos.

Ad Flexibility:

Our interactive ads allow you to rotate multiple messages expanding on your product and/or services.


You can track your results with our in-depth reports.


We can quickly estimate the total number of impressions that you will receive.


Listen Live to 104.7 Popster FM

Listen Live to 104.7 Popster FM


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